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  • Your Coronavirus (COVID-19) Retail Survival Guide

    Your Coronavirus (COVID-19) Retail Survival Guide


    The coronavirus pandemic has presented an unprecedented level of anxiety and economic uncertainty around the globe, and it's forced retailers to re-examine their fundamental strategies to be prepared to survive and move forward.

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  • 12 Questions Customer-Loving Companies Should Ask

    12 Questions Customer-Loving Companies Should Ask


    This year we interviewed some of the leaders at HappyOrNot to gather their insights and wisdom from their many decades of business experience, much of which was spent delighting customers. They shared their views from the worlds of product development, interface design, customer service, marketing, sales, human resources, and business management. The result was the six-part CX3600 Leader Insight series. You can read all of the interviews and much more on the HappyOrNot Blog. From that collection we came up with a dozen critical questions you can use when reviewing your organization’s efforts to deliver industry-leading customer experiences.

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